Would you see the world like an artist?
I am launching my first free 4 weeks online course, and I am offering free places in return for constructive feedback.

Who is it for?
You are someone who makes art and you want to know more, because sometimes you get stuck and find it difficult to get inspiration.

What you will learn:
After 30 days you will look at the world differently than you were used to and know how to get inspiration. You will learn to capture ordinary everyday things in a beautiful work of art (painting/drawing).

Do you want on the waitinglist?


Module 1: About looking: we will cover different ways how you can look to the world. 
Module 2: About light and dark tones: we will cover the use of light and dark tones.
Module 3: About colors: we talk about colors and how you get more benefit by using colors. 
Module 4: Create your own work of art: implement the things you have learned and get more information how you make your artwork more interesting to look at.

You get a weekly mail with a video lesson. Each lesson will be no more than 10 – 15 minutes long.

You will look with your eyes and not with your mind and will have always inspiration. You will see the beauty of ordinary things and know more about applying light and dark tones and you will more thoughtful make use of colors.




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